Sat on the Rocks

Why do an R.E. podcast?

After all, there's much more interesting things than learning about religion, isn't there?

REvision. with some of the most topical, important, and interesting questions you can think of. Is religion evil? How did we get here? What happens when we die? Is there right or wrong? And even the mother of all big questions - what is the meaning of life?

Often people who deal with these answers are boring old men and their answers are long and complicated. This is a podcast that deals with these questions in a simple way, but also in a way that will hopefully make you think.

Each episode offers stories, statistics, religious teaching, and opinions on a specific topic. We will also interview people from some of the world's major religions (and perhaps even those that have opinions on religion, without being religious themselves). If you are student or teacher, you will find worksheets along with each episode, and we'd love to hear your comments, too. In an uncertain teaching climate, these could also be an invaluable resource for distance learning! 


Who knows, you might even find it entertaining! 


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"I have just discovered your podcast yesterday and am very excited about it" Diocesan Advisor, Dublin

I thought this podcast was ... set out really clearly and was very professional with out sounding boring. The content was very interesting and I was captivated from the very beginning. You included some really good analogies that made it much less complicated but never too easy. Thank you so much for this podcast. It was not only useful but also enjoyable to listen to." Freya, 14, Surrey

'...I thought it was really good, entertaining and fun for RE. It was also really good because your voice is really clear and you explain stuff in a really good way! 

'I have just listened to your first podcast! I absolutely loved it! It was very professional and you explained everything really clearly...'

Japanese Shrine Gate