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S9 E3 The One About Homosexuality

Updated: May 6, 2023

Please note, there is some content in this episode relating to child sexual abuse, exorcism, and homophobia that some people may find distressing or triggering.

Kieron tells us his authentic journey from Catholicism to Pentacostalism, through sexual abuse, homosexuality andd doing a dissertation involving an exogesis of Romans 1 while at Bible College. Plus he details the subsequent reluctance of Christians to engage in conversation about his discovery - a discovery he was not expecting find - that maybe the Bible is not as clearly against homosexuality as many Christians think.

Kieron is authentic and honest about the discrimination he has experienced from the Church, other Christians, the education system and other public sectors due to a people's damaging preconceptions about abuse victims and homosexuality.

Five Minutes of faith:

God and the Gay Christian:

Survivors Manchester:



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