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S9 E4: The One About Happy Valley

Updated: May 6, 2023

Now if you haven't seen Happy Valley yet then don't listen to this episode until you do as there are MASSIVE SPOILERS. Also, this programme is not going to be suitable for everyone as it deals with some serious issues like rape, torture, murder, prostitution and drug use. However, it is also one of the most incredible pieces of television I have ever seen, dealing with social issues like drugs and poverty, plus some big philosophical issues like forgiveness, justice, redemption and atonement.

I talk to the real life Happy Valley vicar, Robb Sutherland about what it is like to live in the town where Happy Valley is set, and we delve into some of the big themes that it deals with.

I loved chatting to Robb, he is experienced, wise and down to earth and just simply cool!

The link below takes you to an article where one of the actors in Happy Valley has opened a charity shop in the location of the programme!



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