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S10 E6: Losing My Religion Part 3

In this episode, Head of RE, NATRE exec Neil McKain talks about his gradual journey from Roman Catholicism to being the Vice Chair of Humanism UK, and why humanism appeals to him. We discuss unbaptised babies, the parable of the sower, original sin, resurrection, the patriarchy and the impact of a pluralistic Theology degree that offered alternatives to the narrow worldview he grew up with. We consider the sociology of religion and the three Bs - belief, behaviour and belonging and the impact of a Christian heritage on Humanism in the UK and the importance of repsecting the places our students are spiritually and philosophically. Then we look at the positive and negatives of a religious upbringing. We even mention Barbie and Aristotle, the Kindness Lab and our motivation of being moral and altruism, rationalism, romanticism and Euthanaisa. It's one of THOSE conversations.


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