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I was born in Brighton in 1970-something and currently teach RE in West Sussex.  I was raised a Catholic and later joined the Protestant Church, but now I do not follow any religion and remain agnostic about the existence of God.

I went to Birmingham University to study theology from 1996-1999 and became an RE teacher upon graduation. Within my twenty-years' teaching experience I have taught philosophy, ethics, and religion in both state and private schools. 

Teenagers are great thinkers and ask great questions, and have often had as much of a life-changing effect on me as much as I may have had on them - it was as a result of a challenge from a GCSE student that eventually led me to became a vegetarian. I consider it a great privilege to discuss some of the most important questions known to humankind with students of all ages.


I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world and have first-hand experience of the world's major religions, including not only Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, but I have also visited Zen Buddhism monasteries and the masjids of India. 

The reality of modern teaching is that often an educator's time is spent in meetings, dealing with paperwork, reports and answering a never-ending stream of emails. This podcast gives me the opportunity to do what I love best; talk about real, modern issues with no assessments, no homework, and no marking! 

Hi !  So here's me...Louisa

Hobbies: Yoga,  Netflix and the joys of parenthood!

Favourite Bands: London Grammar, Radiohead, The National

Favourite Movie: Cinema Paradiso

Favourite Book: Shadow of the Wind

Claims to fame: Having a Harry Potter scar  and teaching James 'The Godfather of Funk' Brown's son. 

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"I have just discovered your podcast yesterday and am very excited about it" Diocesan Advisor, Dublin

I thought this podcast was ... set out really clearly and was very professional with out sounding boring. The content was very interesting and I was captivated from the very beginning. You included some really good analogies that made it much less complicated but never too easy. Thank you so much for this podcast. It was not only useful but also enjoyable to listen to." Freya, 14, Surrey

'...I thought it was really good, entertaining and fun for RE. It was also really good because your voice is really clear and you explain stuff in a really good way! 

'I have just listened to your first podcast! I absolutely loved it! It was very professional and you explained everything really clearly...'

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