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S11 E7: The One With Lat Blaylock

Lat Blaylock became an RE teacher over 40 years ago.  As he takes semi-retirement we look back over his extensive career and celebrate this wonderful subject. I ask him why he committed himself entirely to the teaching of RE. Why he loves RE so much and why he thinks it is such an important subject. We look at how it always seems to be in jeopardy but has always stayed above the water! He discusses the projects he been most proud to be part of and offers some words of wisdom about how to teach RE effectively.

If you are feeling in a slump, this chat will give you the lift you need.  It will reinspire and reinvigorate you.

Here are links to The Spirited Arts project, the Why God, Why? by Bethany Lunney film that features in the episode as well as the Anti-racism resources;



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