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S12 E7: The One About Fostering Curiosity

I have been thinking a lot recently about the Science of Learning and what that looks like in the RE classroom.  I think we have a lot to learn from educational research.  But what I am noticing is that children don't seem to LOVE learning, in fact some seem to resent it.  I have been trying to work out why.  Like many things, I think it is multifaceted with social and political factors, but what I am more interested in is solutions.  HOW do we encourage children to LOVE learning? Children are naturally curious and love to ask WHY  - and the RE classroom is such an ideal place to cultivate their curiousity and encourage them to be like they were when they were younger.  So I was thinking about HOW we can cultivate curiosity in our classrooms.  This episode is the result of my thinking.

I'd love to hear how YOU  cultivate curiosity in your classroom so please get in touch!



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