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S7 E14 The One About the 2021 Census

On June 28th 2021, Britain completed a census. On 29th November, some of the data was released. And this data was of particular interest to RE teachers, leaders and educators because it revealed the religious and ethnic make up of Britain. For the first time since the dark ages, we are no longer a majority Christian country. But what does this mean for our country, our monarchy, our politics and our classrooms. Back by popular demand, James D Holt reveals his early analysis and conclusions. It is an accessible but complex look at this topic which I recommend to anyone interested in the reasons for, consequences of, and dangers of misinterpretting, the data!

Below are some of the links to things we reference in the episode.

James' two blogs:

Regional map (scroll down to the bottom)

Nabil Abdulrashid (X factor black Muslim comedian)



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