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S8 E2 The One About Animal Welfare

Do you teach 'Animal Rights' as part of your religion and life syllabus?

I have an informative and frank chat with David Clough from CEFAW (The Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare) challenging Christians to rehink their attitudes to eating animals in light of the farming techniques currently used and the climate crisis. We look at the biblical relationship with animals, and whether there is a biblical basis for veganism in terms of Stewardship and God's instructions on how we treat animals.

But we go one step further. Are animals part of the salvation story ie - are animals saved, will they be in heaven, can they worship God?

This is all done in the context of animal flourishing, rather than animal rights - David will explain the difference.

If you want to find out more ;

Tweet: @CEFAWproj



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