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S9 E6: The One About Humanism and Social Justice

When I read James Croft's tweets about Social Justice I immediatly DMd him and within 36 hours we recorded this interview. I think it is really going to support us in teaching humanism more rigouressly and authentically. Plus I think it will reinvigorate us to consider what social justice looks like.

James takes us through his unique role as the first humanist Lead chaplain of university in England, what humanism is and the importance of COMPASSION, REASON and HOPE. We discuss what social justice is and consider the importance of interfaith coalition in tackling Social Justice as well as why a humanist would be motivated to deal with it. We take a quick look at what humanists are doing to tackle social justice - in particular in India to challenge the misconception that humanism is a white western worldview.

James is articulate, knowlegdable and passionate.

Here are links to some of the things we talk about in the episode;



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