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S9 E7: The One About P4C

This is part one of a series on P4C and I chat to Andrew Rogers. Andrew is an Australian Teacher of the Year, a teacher of Philosophy Religion and Ethics, a husband, a father , a thinker, a bibliophile, has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, is chair of the Association for Philsosophy in schools and he gave up his precious time after a days teaching to talk to us about P4C (philosophy for children).

I think this episode is going to be so helpful as it is simple and really practical - a step by step guide on how and why to teach children how to think! And not just in RE but to support lessons across the curriculum, bahaviour management and mental health! Please share this with as many colleagues as you can!

Andrew mentions a movie called Young Plato. This is the trailer - it's a tear jerker!



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