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S4 E13: The One About Women In The Bible CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

Updated: May 24, 2022

This is going to be my last episode this season so I have saved a really special conversation for you. The Rev. Canon Liz Sherclif is the Director of Studies for Readers of the Diocese of Chester, Agent of Change nominee for the 2022 Northern Power Awards, author of 'Preaching Women: Gender, Power and the Pulpit and 'Out of the Shadows' preaching women of the Bible. We discuss the way women of the Bible are presented, our views on St. Paul, complimentarianism, toxic masculinity, the genders of the trinity and Jesus treatment of women, institutional sexism and then we delve into some of the powerful women in the Bible - Eve, Sarah, Bathsheba, and, as it is near Christmas - Mary.

It was a wonderful conversation full of wisdom and grace!

Merry Christmas everyone!




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