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S5 E4: The One With The Baptist and The Buddhist

Updated: May 24, 2022

In this episode I interview identical twin brothers, Mark and Bryan from the US. Mark is a baptist and Bryan is a Buddhist. Their podcast 'The Baptist and the Buddhist' have the two of them chatting openly for the first time about their different faiths. 'Same DNA, different faiths. It is so mutually respectful and models what good dialogue looks like. These two humans are so calming that I actually felt so much more chilled after spending an hour chatting to them - it was magical.

We talked about their upbringing, what they love about their respective faiths, the similarities and differences in their beliefs; focussing on creation, ethics, life after death and consider that Jesus and the Buddha would say to each other if they met.

Definitely check out their podcast where they discuss symbols, figures of faith, death, prayer and meditation and so much more! A wonderful resource



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