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S10 E8: The One Where We Find Our Religion Part 1

I have just finished a mini series on people who have lost their religion. In the last episode, I spoke to someone who had lost and then found their faith again. That is a nice segway into a new mini series called 'Finding My Religion' - looking at people who have chosen to follow a religion. I start these conversations talking to Sir Giles Gough (not a real knight...yet) about his conversion to Christianity. From altar boy to altar call, chosing between Church and Star Trek voyager, a serious car accident, bullying. We discuss salvation and what 'being a Christian' means, and the impact it makes on his life - particularly as a husband and father. Really helpful for GCSE RE. Giles explains why he is a diagonal car parked in a parallel world, particularly when it comes to the established Chuches teachings on homosexuality. He refers to a book called Undivided by Vicky Beeching. Here is a link to it;



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