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S12 E2: The One About Sources Of Authority In Islam

Updated: May 3

If you teach GCSE Islam, then you will know how important sources of authority are.  In this episode, Waqar Ahmedi, Zameer Hussain and I discuss sources of authority in Islam.  We explore The Qur'an, The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Sunnah and the Hadith as well as other Holy Texts that have authority, and we also consider the role of the Imamate as a source of authority in Shia Islam.  

We look at common mistakes and misunderstandings when teaching sources of authority in Islam. A fascinating chat that will change the way you teach Islam!

Some of you maybe aware of Zam's recent work on Ijtihad, This is a new concept for me so we explore that a little bit also.  See links below for more details.


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