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S11 E6: The One About Quakerism

This week I interview Mathew Guest about Quakerism.  If you have the February blues then this episode will really cheer you up.  Mathew enightens us about the history of the Quakers but also about the four tenants;

  • Equality

  • Peace

  • Simplicity

  • Truth

We also discuss their inspiration behind their commitment to pacifism and non-violent conflict resolution. We consider the importance and need for silence with others in the modern world, as well as the non-judgemetnal, inclusive nature of Quaker meetings.  Although, if you want something done quickly, don't ask a quaker, but if you want something done well - you can learn a lot from their egalitaian methods!I ask Mathew how to teach Quaker in the classroom as well as why he's a quaker.  It is an enightening and uplifting chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The website he recommends is;

Find out more;

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Insta: @TheREPodcast



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