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S6 E9: The One About Intersex

To celebrate PRIDE month I humbly and gratefully introduce Seven Graham - who has been all letters of the LGBTQIA community at some point!

For anyone who doesn't know what intersex means, or is interested in issues of gender, who wants to understand the harsh reality of how intersex people have been and are being treated...well actually erased, and the devestating impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing, for anyone who is compassionate towards all humans, particularly those who face unfair and unecessary discrimination. For those who want to understand the full spectrum of creation, where we see religious precident for accepting all genders, to anyone is interested in why the patriarchy are so invested in seeing the world as binary.

Seven is a British intersex activist, comedian, filmmaker, and drug addiction counsellor. He co-founded of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Look him up on instagram @angelsareintersex, you tube

Sex and Uncertainty in the body of Christ by Susannah Cornwall



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