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S7 E1 The One About World Views

Welcome to season 7 of the RE Podcast and welcome to a new school year! Over the last few years we have heard the terms 'worldviews' and 'lenses' being used more and more frequently in terms of RE. But what do these words mean? Why is everyone talking about them and what does it mean for the future of RE? To answer these questions and more, I chatted to Dr Kathryn Wright, CEO of Culham St Gabriel, and her colleague Dr. Kate Christopher. I hope, by the end of this episode, you will be re invigorated in your classrooms as we embark on a new year of teaching! Please find below the references from the episode. ‘Telling my Worldviews Story’ blog series on RE:Online:

Email Kate for the ‘Islam as a Worldview resources’ (Rumi for KS1, Muhammad Ali for KS2- 3, the mosque for KS3 and Malala Yousafzai for KS4):

Culham St Gabriel’s FREE online short courses:

Big Ideas for RE:

REC Worldviews curriculum resource, focus on pages 18- 19:

Amazing Christian testimonies from missionaries, addicts, prisoners, martyrs, and more.

Becoming You Again is for women going through divorce who need guidance and support. In...



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Apr 29

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