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S7 E13 The One About Hajj

Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience for some Muslims, but my guest today has done it twice. So I talk to her about her experience so we can have an authentic voice in our lessons!

Shazia Nazlee Khan is Head of RE and Citizenship in Bradford, as well as director of learning for Humanities.

We disucss what Hajj is and the story behind it, the preparations for Hajj, the practical elements and cost involved in getting there, the different rites that are performed once you are there, the best parts and hardest parts, what you gain from completing Hajj as well as some of the changes that are being made to improve the experience of Hajj for people. Plus much much more!

The documentary Shazia mentions is Excellence on Netflix. Episode 1 focusses on what it takes to m,aintain the Great Mosque!

Connect with Shazia on Twitter @shaznazkhan



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