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S7 E6 The One About Restorative Justice

If you teach Crime and Punishment, or have an interest in how schools can revolutionise discipline in their own schools, if you are interested in a restorative basis of dealing with children displaying poor behaviour, or what Jesus teachings of love look like in the 21st century then this is the episode for you. The Rev. Steve Chalke, a previous guest of The RE Podcast, founded the Oasis Charitable Trust in 1985. Since its foundation Oasis has also developed into a family of charities now working on four continents (11 countries) around the world, with the goal of delivering housing, education, training, youthwork and healthcare. It runs homeless hostels. primary and seconday school and is now opening the first secure school for young people convicted of committing crimes. It is based on LOVE and is the first time a charity has been given a liscence for such an establishment. Steve talks wisely and passionately about how to support young people. This will inform and inspire you as an educator and as a human. @SteveChalke @OasisRestore

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