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S9 E5: The One About Baha'i

Are you like me and don't really know very much about the Baha'i faith? If so then listen to me chat to Debbie Tibbie from the Baha'i community. We do a whistlestop, yet comprehensive overview of the main beliefs of the Baha'i faith;

  • Distinct beliefs

  • Founder

  • Holy Writings

  • The meaning of 'oneness'

  • Key values

  • Purpose of life

  • Afterlife

  • Evil and suffering

  • Morality

  • Worship

  • Holy days and festivals


It really is a wonderful religious worldview and I hope you are inspired by it as I am. And how wonderful if some of us could create a space for it in our curriculum!

If you want more information on Baha'i go to



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