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S9 E9 The One About Extended Writing In RE

In last week's epsiode on Exam Success in RE, Matt Pitcher mentioned the work of Joe Kinnaird on extended writing, so guess what? Yes, you've guessed it, Joe graciously agreed to chat to me about how to support children with their extended writing in RE. Inspired by the writing revolution, Joe explains how we can support our children in KS3 - 5, for example the 'beacause', 'but, ''so' statements that we use loads in our department. We also look at barriers to some of these methods and how to overcome them, as well as how to scaffold them for students with weaker writing skills. It's such a great chat that I think you will find so useful for your practice.

Here is a link to the book that inspired Joe;

And here is a link to Joe's amazing blog;



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