Season 2 Episode 10: The One About Authenticity

Updated: Mar 13

In this weeks episode I have an enlightening conversation with Ashish Kundi. Ashish is the founder of Teacher Consciousness. He is a Head of RE and PSHE in the East Riding. The Hindu Representative for SACRE and Leader of YorkshiR.E.

He was recently featured on the Teach me a lesson podcast with BBCs Greg James and his wife Bella Mackie talking about Love and Marriage in different cultures and religions;

We talk about what anti-racism is, what decolonisation is, and how and why our RE curriculums should be more authentic. We unpack the relationship between colonialism and racism and the impact that has on our curriculum.



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"I have just discovered your podcast yesterday and am very excited about it" Diocesan Advisor, Dublin

I thought this podcast was ... set out really clearly and was very professional with out sounding boring. The content was very interesting and I was captivated from the very beginning. You included some really good analogies that made it much less complicated but never too easy. Thank you so much for this podcast. It was not only useful but also enjoyable to listen to." Freya, 14, Surrey

'...I thought it was really good, entertaining and fun for RE. It was also really good because your voice is really clear and you explain stuff in a really good way! 

'I have just listened to your first podcast! I absolutely loved it! It was very professional and you explained everything really clearly...'

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