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S5 E1: The One With The RE ECTs

Updated: May 24, 2022

For us oldies, ECT stands for Early Career Teacher! In this episode I chat to three RE teachers, Micheal, Michaela and Joe who have just finished their training and embark on their first jobs! Why did they decide to become RE teachers? Why is RE such an important subject? What was the training like? What advice would you give to poeple thinking about training to be a teacher or about to embark on their training? What has their first term in their first jobs been like. They also chat about funny stories from the classroom!

If you or anyone else you know is thinking about training to be an RE teacher, this chat is invaluable. Or maybe you are involved in training teachers. Some of it is RE specific but there are lots of general advice for any subject.

This chat makes me excited for the future of RE - the passion and enthusiasm of these three teachers is so clear!

Michaela @MichaelaMcCaugh1

Joe Gallagher can be found on the Facebook group: REspect



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