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S10 E7: Losing and Find My Religion Part 4

Now I know that I don't usually put out an episode during holidays but I really wanted to finish my Losing My Religion series without a break!

But this is an interesting one as this is someone who lost and then found their faith again, and this will lead nicely into a series on people who have found faith.

Warwickshire RE teacher, Leanne had a Christian upbringing and she just accepted it. As a Brownie, she experienced hypocrisy and unfairness of these 'model' girls who bullied her because she didn't fit into the strict mould of what a girl needs to be. She therefore left Brownies and then the Church and became an agnostic.

How does she overcome her rationalism and take that leap of faith? It is not what you expect as it is a story of pain and suffering.

Warning - this may be triggering if you have ever miscarried or had trouble conceiving.



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