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S10 E9: The One Where We Find Our Religion Part 2

Some of you might have heard of Fiona Spargo Mabbs - founder of the DSM Foundation. The Foundation was named after Daniel Spargo Mabbs, Fiona's youngest son who tragically lost his life after taking ecstasy. Fiona talks openly and authentically about her wrestles with her Christian faith after many trials she has faced in her life, but how in the end, it was her faith that helped her through. This is a beautiful but heartbreaking story of the power of faith and how God uses broken people to do amazing things.

Here is a link to the DSM Foundation where you can find details about the drug workshops for teachers, parents and children, links to the resources and books available and more about the foundation;

Fiona mentions two Bible verses;

Isaiah 54:8

John 15:16


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