Season 2 Episode 6: The One With A Hindu

This week I interview Molly Acharya. In her own words she is a Head of RE, Teaching & Learning Coach, Teacher of Politics and Citizenship, Examiner at GCSE and A Level, Mum of Twin Mischief Makers. As a Hindu she gives some valuable advice about the misconceptions of Santana Dharma and how best to teach things like the Caste System and Trimurti. It's a challenge to us about how we teach it.

A wonderful charity that Molly is involved in.

Julius Lipner - Hindus: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices

Some words that are used in the podcast that might be helpful;

arnashramadharma - duty from both caste and stage of life.

Varna - caste

Ashrama - stage of life Dharma - Duty

Mughal times



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