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S3 E9: The One About Sanatan Dharma

Updated: May 24, 2022

In this episode I am joined by Ash Kundi and Molly Acharya to teach us how to decolonise the teaching of Hinduism. We look at what we do right, how we can make our language more authentic, explaining the symbols- and we talk a bit about chicken! You'll need to listen to find out why!

Here is a quick glossary to support the episode

Hindu dharma/dharam rather than Hinduism

Swasti for symbol, Use Hackenkreuz for nazi symbol

Su- (good) asti-(existence)

Murtis rather than Idols

Mandir not temple

Varna rather than Caste - coming from Portuguese word casta meaning lineage, colonial influence

Brahman - ultimate reality rather than 'God'

Atman - inner self (pronounced atma)

Ganga rather than Ganges for the river



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