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S5 E5: The One About Interpreting Genesis

Updated: May 24, 2022

In rememberance of LGBTQIA History Month!

In this GLORIOUS chat with Rev. Andy Fitchet, we look at the damage that traditional and literal interpretations Genesis have had on women and LGBTQIA Christians. Andy talks openly about his own difficult journey and the dangerous practices of the Church to heal people of 'gayness'. We discuss homosexuality, gender, sexism, hypocracy. grinder and Jesus as a trans male. Andy is so theologically knowledgable and also has the most wonderful sense of joy in his faith (the bit about finding Adam a 'helper' is my personal favourite, or how there is a special section in hell for polyester wearers if the Bible is to be taken at face value!) If God is not binary and we were made in his image, then we are not binary!

Connect with @AndyFitchet if only to see his amazing array of jumpers and velvet jackets! is his company that sells queer cards (contact him if you are able to make queer tea towels!



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